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©1992 Use W/Out Permission

Citizen Cope - Citizen Cope

The first release by Citizen Cope, described by Cope as experimental, this album got a lot of airplay on college radio in the early '90s. Although a different sound from today, the soulful lyrics and gripping tunes continue to stand out from the growing melting pot of genres today. This is a must have for Cope fans...some members of BASEHEAD & B.Y.O.B. appear, and Mike Ivey is the executive producer. This album was written, produced & mixed by Clarence Greenwood (A.K.A. Citizen Cope). Still available. G2 Player Required



Citizen Cope - To be announced...possibly Shotguns

The new album is almost here! The CD release party is on December 18th, 1999. You can reserve your copy of Citizen Cope's second release by sending an email to Also, if you are interested in a possible Acoustic Release, email us at Available December 18, 1999, this CD features tomorrow's hit tracks '200,000 (In counterfeit fifty dollar bills)', G2 Player Required 'Southern Avenue', 'Officer Friendly', 'If There's Love', & 'Temporary Fame' among others.


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©1993 EMIGRE

EMIGRE - Music Sampler No.2 (Introducing: 13records)

Cope does 'Busted' and also Co-mixed the B.Y.O.B. track on this CD.

©1997 DCide

Settling The DC Score

Excellent tune by Cope 'Make Believe' G2 Player Required
Available since Early 1997, this is a collection of various DC Area artists.

©1999 Attitude/Asian Man Records

Anti-Racist Action Benefit CD

A re-mastered version of 'Ol' Man vs. Hizself'
Available since March 1999, this is a compilation of various artists (mostly ska) making a stand against racism. Good production quality and interesting fillers between songs.


CLUBLAND - Soundtrack

Cope does one of his crowd favorites
'200,000' G2 Player Required (In counterfeit fifty dollar bills) (DEMO Version)
Available since March 23, 1999, this is a great soundtrack...a wide range of musical styles, you'll want to listen over and over.

©1999 WHFS

WHFS 99.1 Compilation CD

AVAILABLE NOW! The Citizen Cope track for this CD is '200,000' G2 Player Required (Special Compilation Version)
Available since April 20, 1999, this is a compilation of some of the best new music...Listen to WHFS 99.1 FM to find out where you can grab a copy.


©1999 Anvil Productions, Inc.

EAT ME! - Soundtrack

Cope's tracks in the movie are 'Daughter's of the Stage' & 'Shotguns'
The release date for this has not yet been determined.


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©1992 imago Recording Company

BASEHEAD - Not In Kansas Anymore

The first BASEHEAD album Cope appears on, he actually joined the group for their 'Play with Toys' tour. A great follow-up to an equally amazing album. Cope appears on tracks 3, 4, 15 & 18 on this recording.

©1994 Rykodisc/13 Records

B.Y.O.B. (Bastard Youth Of Basehead) - B.Y.O.B.

Basically a spinoff of BASEHEAD but included some of their friends, this album is co-produced by Cope and he also has writing credits and performs on various tracks. Along with the track that is all Cope 'The Rackett' G2 Player Required which is a different mix (than the instrumental version on his solo album) with vocals added.

©1996 imago Recording Company


This is the last BASEHEAD album on which Cope appears. The writing for all tracks includes Cope for music. This is a pretty good album but the lyrics, and I guess Mr. Ivey, started getting really religious. Also co-produced by Citizen Cope.

©1997 Mutant Sound System

Lazy K - Life in One Day

This is an album by the former guitarist of BASEHEAD, Keith Lofton and Cope appears on a few tracks. I highly recommend adding it to your CD collection.


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©1992 imago Recording Company

BASEHEAD - Do You Wanna Fu**(Or What)

This single contains two versions of the song remixed by Cope, and a remix of 'Hair' also by Cope.

©1993 imago Recording Company

BASEHEAD - Split Personality

Cope is on this but not listed.

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